I am a novice at blogging – a 66 year old woman and, the last several years, a reader of Jungian psychology.  I live in a very, very small town east of the Rocky Mountains and have lived here for 12 years now.  I used to live in a college town that, to me at the time, felt sophisticated and filled with intelligence and the “best” of almost everything. It’s a long, windy and perhaps not too interesting story that moved me from there to here.  Parts of it may come up as I journal…

For some time now,  I have been struggling with the concept of “home”.   This small town has not felt like home to me.  I like my actual physical house here and my husband and our delightfully wonderful dog.   But, I long for home even though I’m not sure what I mean exactly. 

I want to explore my feelings, thoughts, reading, talks with friends, insights and more – in this blog.  I need to put all these things into “words” and be able to re-read them and embellish them and add to them, and perhaps discover some meaning behind them. 


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