Helen Luke inspired me to start this blog. Her book, “The Way of Woman”, is a collection of essays that she wrote over a number of years, as well as two interviews. One of the interviews with Helen Luke is entitled “Letting Go”. In it, Luke is discussing “letting go” of projections. She says “Once you begin to take projections back, …you recognize that relationship cannot happen until you are separate. Otherwise it is just a mixup in the unconscious of two people.” And, “That gradual letting go still has to have a context. I think it’s enormously important to realize as we work with dreams and the unconscious and other people do the same kind of work in different ways, that when you have an insight it’s not enough just to understand it. It has then somehow to be put into actual life. …someone will say he or she has had a big dream and that she feels what it means and so on — she or he must do something with it, write it down, paint it, do something in this world with it, and after that let it take effect in daily life. It has to make a change, however tiny. This is nearly always a letting go of something. It’s all a preparation, of course, for the final letting go of death.”

When I have an “insight”, I intend to write it down – here, and then allow it to have an effect, however tiny, in my daily life.

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