This is hard for me to believe, but I just today realized that when I am hurt, instead of crying (which is very painful for me sometimes), I lash out at someone else – often my husband.  Psych. 101!!!  I’ve been feeling angry and definitely hurt about living in this unfriendly and unwelcoming town – again!  So, I find myself snapping at my husband instead of admitting to myself that these “current events” are bringing up my feelings of being unloved and unwanted and unsupported as a child.  I even realized that I did the same thing as a teenager.  I snapped at my siblings and parents – to cover up the pain I couldn’t begin to admit at the time.  OK – so it is Psych. 101 – I’m feeling the feelings now and not just reading about the concept in a “self-help” book.  I know all of this intellectually, but that part is easy compared to actually feeling this pain and trying not to project it onto someone else.   

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