It’s summer – Memorial Day weekend. It’s hot and dry. The drought is so bad here that there is no water in the river and no water available for any of the irrigation ditches. The wells for the town are under stress and water restrictions will go into effect on June 3rd.

My husband and I have pretty much decided on a spot in Oregon where we would like to move. Our house is for sale (with an area realtor) – at a price that does not cover the work we’ve put into it over the past 13 years. We have not had anyone even looking yet. I’m having fairly chronic anxiety and have begun taking anti-anxiety drugs again. (I’m not particularly happy to admit that, but that’s what’s happening with me right now.) I seem to be anxious about staying here and watching everything dry up and blow away and I also have a lot of fear about moving to a new place. But, I do still want to move. I will need to “work” with my fears and see what they are tryinng to tell me.

We’ve both “let go” of our house and any remaining attachment to living here. Also to any ideas we might have still have had about being able to help make this community into a better, healthier place. I don’t think either of us feel needed or wanted at this point. It’s difficult and depressing!

It’s hard to trust right now that something will change.

That’s it for now…

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